My earliest memories of writing go back to the fourth grade.  I kept a small, five-year diary with only a few lines to record the day’s activities.  Sometimes I only wrote “ate dinner” while other entries would spill onto the nearby pages chronicling each day’s activities in full detail.  That same year, I penned two short stories, “The Mystery of the Missing Bread” and “The Snake That Had Legs.”  Not best-sellers by any means; but,  my teacher loved them, as did my class, sparking my creative side.

As I grew older, my entries also grew. I began preserving my day-to-day activities in spiral-bound notebooks.  My writing saved my sanity through the death of my mother, two marriages (and divorces) and the births of my three children. But, when my ex-husband found and read my journals, he mocked me and my words. I quit writing, fearing what others might think of my most intimate heartfelt writing.  The joy of writing vanished, although I never imagined what lay dormant in my heart.

By the time I was 50, I convinced myself my dream of being a writer was dumb and I had no chance of being successful. But something kept nagging deep inside.

I went back to college in early 2011, pursing a business degree.  I loathed the classes, but tried to make the best of it.  During a Micro Economics class I experienced my “Ah Ha” moment.  We had several writing assignments where we had to figure several boring economic concepts and write papers about them.  The professor said, “Be creative, and write a paper with math, not a math paper.” I allowed my creative side to emerge and went for it.  I wrote a paper with math, and I realized I needed to change course and go back to my passion of writing.  Not only because it was fun, but it I couldn’t deny it any longer.

I changed colleges and majors in September 2011 and attended Southern New Hampshire University online. I earned my B.A. in English and Creative Writing with concentrations in both Fiction and Non-Fiction in August 2014. Currently I’m pursing my M.A. in English and Creative Writing with an expected completion March 2017.

Since making the decision to follow my heart I’ve been published both online and in print, for my non-fiction and fiction stories. I enjoy blogging, writing, and helping other writers by offering editing and proofreading services.

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Writers of Kern since 2012.  Currently serving as President.

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