Moving Miracles – Again!

Over a year ago in May 2011 we got a note on the door of our apartments saying we had 30 days to move because the building we were living in was going back to the bank due to foreclosure.  Wow, that really sucked.  We had paid rent faithfully for over a year, always on time, even a few days early.  The property management company was in shock along with the four families that were affected by an unknown owner that had received our payments but somehow ‘forgot’ to give them to the bank.

Fortunately the property management company found us an awesome home to rent – almost 1500 square feet and FOUR bedrooms.  This didn’t even compare to the 900 square foot, 2-story apartment we had lived in for the last year.  The new place was huge to us, and we were told it would be a rent with an option to buy type property since they figured the owner would be selling in a few years.  It was a miracle and a dream come true.  I fell in love with it at first sight.  We moved in June 20, 2011 figuring it would be a forever home.

Almost a year to the day later, in May 2012 we got the phone call.  The property management company had gotten a call from the owner who had put the property I loved up for short sale.  She was upside down on the loan and needed to get out from under the burden of debt.   We could buy it if we had the capital – only about $140,000 – since we would be up against investors with cash ready to buy.  I cried all day.

The house was shown, bought and now is in escrow.  We received our 60-day notice to move to be out by August 25.  I kept hoping for another miracle, but wondered if we had one left.

Last week we got a call from the property management company… another house – same size, about the same rent, and available in about a month (around August 20th).   We went to go look at it.  Both houses 1494 square feet, but instead of 4 bedrooms the new one has 3 bedrooms and 2 living rooms (or a big living room and a big den).  Indoor laundry (better), bigger back yard (much better), and same color scheme (awesome), and only $35 more a month which includes lawn service (woo hoo!).

So we get to move again.  A new neighborhood, a new area of town.  Packing and moving – in August – not my choice of moving months, but what can you do?

The property management company assured us this new house will not go into foreclosure or be put on the market for a short sale.  I will try to believe them, but just in case I think I will be looking for another miracle since I tend to believe in those powers a bit more than human promises.

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