How Do I Procrastinate? Let Me Count the Ways…

(My apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning).
I have a final research paper to write for my British Romantic and Victorian Writers LIT class.  Its due Sunday, today is Thursday.  My subject explores how the prostitution of 19th century London influenced the writers of that era.  I’m currently working on my thesis statement.  But I’m procrastinating; let me tell you the ways…
I checked my email at least six times in the last ten minutes, hoping I would have some urgent message to reply to, nope.  Darn.
I checked my Facebook wall for notifications.  Nope, same as three minutes ago, six minutes ago, ten minutes ago – nada.
I went to wake up my 16 year old son.  I’m supposed to cut his hair today, now seems to be a good time to get the job done.  He didn’t budge.
I checked on the animals, two cats, one dog.  Still asleep in the front room.  Treat time is in one hour.  Darn.
Checked the discussion boards for both of my classes, hoping there would be a post to respond to.  Nope, nothing new since thirty minutes ago.
My water bottle is half-empty, or should I see it as half-full?  Either way, I refilled it. Another minute wasted.
I know where to find my research, got that done yesterday.  I just need to put words to paper in a coherent manner.  MS Word is open, the document is a blank page…  Wish I needed to sharpen a pencil.  Remember those days?  Maybe not.  I do.  We had a cool pencil sharpener out in the garage.  Right now, I don’t even know where a pencil would be…
I thought a blog post would be a good distraction.  At least I am writing.  Sigh.  I am good at distractions.  I could come up with quite a few more before I get to the real task looming over me.  That’s the problem with distractions.  Temporary fixes for a permanent problem.
I guess it’s time to get to work…wait I think I need to check my email once more.  Oh and I just heard my son get up – better get on that haircut before he changes his mind.   I’m so pitiful.  J

0 thoughts on “How Do I Procrastinate? Let Me Count the Ways…

  1. lol…Sounds like me at times…Just did a paper on 1856 civil right case, and boy was that one tough….No interests in it at all, hence the difficulty of writing it.

  2. Bert,
    I think that was really the true challenge. I am not a procrastinator when it comes to school work, but this one was tough. The good news is that I finished and submitted it a day early! Now I can relax and get back to writing my novel 🙂

  3. I'm laughing, too, Joan, because I could have written this piece.

    When I was in grad school in the counseling program, a classmate from Mojave and I would trade “procrasties” throughout the day. Once she wrote, “I ironed the towels.”

    Thanks for this lovely distraction. I have two paragraphs done on my blog so I took a breakfast break. Luckily, the homemade granola was already made.

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