Cats or Dogs?

Are you a cat person or a dog person?  Or maybe you prefer reptiles, horses, or a tranquil fish tank.


I’ve always been partial to cats, although I’ve had my share of amazing, lovable dogs.  My dad wouldn’t let me get a cat or a dog.  Something about cleaning up after it, too much work…  Instead, I had turtles.  The desert tortoise box-kind.  Growing up in Bakersfield, I remember getting turtles.  I had no idea where they came from, but when one met its demise (or escaped) another would just show up.  I named the first one Tommy.  The next one… Tommy the 2nd.  Then came, oh wait you guessed it, Tommy the 3rd.  All the way to Tommy the 8th.  I didn’t have much imagination did I?  Kinda like George Foreman naming all his kids George.  But in my defense I was only eight.

Turtles were boring and hibernated during the winters in our garage.  That’s how a few met their demise.  Woke up and strolled across the garage floor as my dad was backing the car out.  Enough said.  No more turtles after the T the 8th.

When I was ten we moved to Fresno.  My next pet was a lizard.  I caught him (or her) outside and fed it bugs.  That went well, until I stepped on it.  Funeral for a lizard.  Yep.

My dad finally let me get a mouse.  I named her Martha.  Then one day we realized she was a Marty.  He was a great mouse until one morning at 3:00 am.  My dad came in my room and woke me up.  Apparently Marty decided to go for a midnight run and ended up in my dad’s bed.  I think it was karma, since he did in a few turtles.  After Marty’s time was up, I asked for a cat again.  My dad still said it was too much trouble.  (After all the turtle, lizard, and mouse mishaps I didn’t agree).
 My Aunt Cookie’s cat always had kittens so she and I plotted to make sure I had a real pet for once.  She brought the orange and white kitten over and after taking my dad in the other room (for a very long time) he agreed to let me keep Sam.  Sam was my faithful cat for many years. During high school, he’d even meet me a few blocks from the house as I walked home each day.  After I got married, Sam stayed with my parents and later passed.  Later, my dad let my brother get a dog and a cat.  My dad would call and tell me all the funny stuff the animals did or how the cat curled in his lap when it was cold.  I tend to think my cat Sam warmed him up to the idea of real pets.

Over the years I had my share of cats and dogs, but I’ve always preferred cats.   Easy to care for, not as needy as dogs, and are great companions.  For all of you dog people out there ready to protest, yes I know dogs are wonderful too and I’ve loved my dogs very dearly.  I just prefer a purring kitty to a slobbering doggie any day.


Now we have three pets.  Two cats – Molly and Stormie and a dog – Pepper.  Pepper’s been around for a long time; she belonged to my husband many years before we met.  The cats are a few years old.  Molly came from the pound and Stormie came from Aunt Shirley.  Shirley found the momma and babies in the front yard inside a hollow log.

They’re all part of the family, each with their own personality and quirks.  Even as I finish writing this post, I’m typing one-handed.  Molly decided to snuggle in my lap.  She’s purring and holding onto my other hand.  Just the reason why I prefer cats over turtles, lizards or mice any day.

7 thoughts on “Cats or Dogs?

  1. It's hard to resist a purring cat…till it sticks its claws in you…or you try to brush the cat hair off. Lol! But I enjoyed your post very much especially the trials and tribulations of childhood pet ownership. 🙂

  2. Like the man said, “Dogs have friends, cats have staff.” There is essentially something good about a person who loves animals. I'm a dog person, always have been. Cats are graceful, intelligent, smart and beautiful–but that's still not enough to make me love one. I am now reading “Life of Pi,” a story about a boy and his cat. Some cat! Did you know that Chicken Soup is soliciting stories now for Cats and Dogs? Have a good day. TR

  3. I think I am a pet person, kind of like being both right and left brained. It really all comes down to the animal and I don't meet very many that I wouldn't take home. I am enjoying getting to know you better through your posts.

  4. I'm living now with a dog named Moonpi. He's playing with a ball behind me right now. Wants me to have some fun. The cat has just been re-added to the house. We're all having to adapt.

  5. I must confess that I am neither a dog or cat person. We never had animals when I was a kid. But, if I like YOU and your dog is well-behaved, I'm OK with your dog. I'm allergic to cats, so I do try to avoid them.

    I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your sense of humor come out in your writing.

  6. I've had cats, but prefer dogs. My first dog was a black and white Cocker Spaniel whose name was Pepper, my grandfather's idea suggested by the the small dots of black on his the white field of his nose. Cats or dogs, the return on investment is immeasurable. Thanks for sharing your love for your pets.

  7. Cats…no, no thanks. Dogs are great. I have been in charge of two long-lived dogs (Shepherd/golden mix and a German Shepherd) with grand results, the first as a child, the second as a dad. When my college son got a beagle, he was lovely, but there were issues. Dad's input wasn't always welcome. Which is fine. At this time, no pets. I am really enjoying the hassle-free aspects when it comes to weekends and trips.

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