Heart Felt Memories and Miracles

“This is the Pediatric Heart Center.  You’re son’s doctor ordered more tests.”
That’s not a message I wanted to hear.  Matt’s heart rate had been high at his last appointment, over 155.  But we thought it because he was just anxious.  Now we were being sent to a specialist for an EKG, ultrasound and consultation for a diagnosis of Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat).

Last Friday we arrived at the center.  My 17 year old stared at the walls and rolled his eyes.  Everything was decorated in a Disney theme — the walls covered with Finding Nemo cut-outs, the television played Monster’s Inc.  “Sorry, that’s what you get for being under 18,” I reminded him.

While filling out paperwork, I noticed the others in the waiting room.  Parents with a small child leaned against the wall.  A mom reading a magazine sat near her teen daughter.  I wondered what these families endured.  One little guy about three, began to sob as soon as his name was called.  I figured he’d seen more doctors than most kids his age.  During Matt’s EKG, I asked the woman how she handled her job since I assumed most of the patients she saw were quite sick.  She told me if it weren’t for the miracles, she wouldn’t be there.
We finally went back to the ultrasound room and met the cardiologist. As he started the test, thoughts of another ultrasound rushed back to me.  I was six months pregnant.  Back then I stared at a grainy black and white image as the technician showed me pictures of my son for the first time.  She pointed out fingers, toes, and his boy-part.  She told us he looked healthy.
Last Friday as I watched the grainy image of his heart and heard he whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of his heartbeat I remembered those same sounds I longed to hear at each doctor visit while pregnant.  After what seemed a very long time, the cardiologist smiled and told us Matt’s heart was healthy – just a bad case of nerves.
With confirmation of a healthy son and the chance to relive a heartfelt memory from seventeen years ago, I think we experienced one of those miracles.

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  1. Happy endings from doctor's appointments are wonderful. I could feel the underlying feelings of dread, but I'm glad it worked out and you had some good “old” memories too

  2. Yay~That is the good kind of news. I felt relief at the end when you found out it was only a bad case of nerves. I am glad there was nothing seriously wrong.

  3. It is scary when they say you need an ultrasound on your heart. i know a couple of months ago when I had one I was very nervous. Turned out everything was fine. Glad to hear yours son's turned out the same way.

  4. I loved how you tied the two ultrasound pictures together, Joan. Favorite line: “Last Friday as I watched the grainy image of his heart and heard he whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of his heartbeat I remembered those same sounds I longed to hear at each doctor visit while pregnant.” Lovely post. Thank you. xoA

  5. Yay! I'm glad everything turned out all right. They probably should have tested your heart, too–I bet your pulse was of the charts.

    BTW–what exactly is a “boy-part?” a snake? a snail? or his puppy-dog tail???

  6. Joan, a friend told me that about half of the heart attacks coming into ER turn out to be stress. I wish I'd known that all those times I wound up there. Glad to hear Matt's ok. The woosh-woosh from those sonograms is how I first met my daughters.
    Have a great weekend, Terry

  7. What others have said, they way you brought the two ultrasounds together was great. I hope the other parents and children at the Heart Center will receive miracles of their own. I'm glad Matt's okay, though I imagine he'd like to crawl under a rock at having a bunch of your friends read about his “boy part.” Be careful, he may decide to write a tell-all of his own some day. 🙂

  8. Thanks Jerry. I tried to be nice and not make it too embarrassing. But, because his mom is a writer he'll have to put up with a few stories about him now and then.

    And yes, I'm sure his tell-tale stories would reveal way too much about me than I'm willing to admit.

  9. Oh thank goodness! I started to read and my stomach immediately clenched and I thought, oh no, bad news and I was mentally preparing myself for terrible news and trying to think of what nice supportive thing I could possibly say in response (yes, it's all about me, isn't it?) and…you fooled me. Happy endings! THANK YOU! And it was very nicely woven…great post!

  10. I like the way you structured this story, weaving together the two ultrasounds. Tachycardia is a scary experience. I'm glad to hear it appears to be nerves rather than a heart problem.

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