Hot Enough to Fry an Egg


It’s mid-May and we’ve already broken into triple digits around here.  I’ve never looked forward to the summers, but at least one could count on a few more days of bearable warm weather, followed by hotter weather in June and don’t leave the house after 7:00 am, set the air to 75 degrees, park in the shade or risk losing flesh to seat-burns July, August, and September with a bit of respite coming in October.
This spring we’ve been given some wild weather – winds blowing 40-50 miles an hour sending neighbor’s foliage and dusty tumbleweeds flying down the street; a real honest-to-goodness tornado; and unseasonably high heat.


Morro Bay

I’m not one for hot weather.  In fact anything over 75 is pushing my heat limit.  Yes, I know my tomatoes wouldn’t be as ripe or the flowers so vibrant.  But, I have to say menopause and heat do not mix.  Of course, I’ve always preferred rainy, thunder-cloudy, late-fall or early spring weather.  I’d live at the coast or in the mountains if I could.  Enjoying the cool breeze, a winter snowfall, anything is better than third-degree burns when touching the seatbelt inside the car parked in the sun for an hour.

If I had a pool it might be easier.  Then I could cool down when the weather was unbearable.  I’ve been invited here and there from a few friends with pools, but I need a few more options.  I don’t want to wait for the heat and then call, especially if I haven’t talked to them person in a while.  I’d feel like a hot-weather friend.  (Better than a fair-weather friend of course, but just as annoying.)  People all around us have pools. We hear them laughing as they splash and host cannonball contests.  Too bad they live on the next street over.  I thought about taking them baked goods when we moved in last year just to show how neighborly we were, but it might seem odd now if I showed up with a plate of cookies holding a towel and suntan lotion.
The weather report just showed a “cooling trend” which means we should hit 80 for a day or so, then jump right back into those lovely 90s.  By the beginning of June I’ll be counting the days until October 1st, when a real cooling trend will introduce the evenings and then slowly replace the heat of summer.  Only four months, seventeen days to go…

7 thoughts on “Hot Enough to Fry an Egg

  1. I have a pool and have wondered what I was thinking when I let the kids convince me how they would help keep it clean and oh how they would swim in it everyday, if I decided to buy the house we are in, yada yada yada…I clean the pool (saving over 90.00 a month), the kids swim in it maybe a couple of times a month over the summer, and all I can think is what a waste of perfectly good shower water.

  2. The heat plays havoc with me, too, Joan. And, I am in disbelief over how hot it's been already this year. Heading for the coast; that's my respite.

    Favorite line: “I thought about taking them baked goods when we moved in last year just to show how neighborly we were, but it might seem odd now if I showed up with a plate of cookies holding a towel and suntan lotion.” You made me chuckle with this one. Thank you. xoA

  3. Being that i just moved here in August, I have been told that I have not experienced a full summer here. With that being said, I absolutely love the weather. I'm sure the longer I am here the more complaints I will have but I just moved from Indiana where in 2011 we had an ice storm where literally the entire city of Indianapolis was covered in sheets of ice. Where winters include 10-12 inches of snow and you can't get your car out of the garage. So, I'm gonna enjoy this weather for awhile.

  4. Well things are better in Tehachapi. I actually switched back to jeans from shorts, though I know that will only last a day or so. And just last weekend driving to Taft, I discovered my car AC wasn't working. Ack. I'm glad for my next trip down the hill this Saturday you've arranged just the 80s for me.

  5. You can always try to convince yourself that the heat makes you appreciate our short fall/winter even more…? I haven't managed to quite sell that one to myself so I don't expect you to buy it either. Lol! Worst case scenario, turn the sprinklers on and go for it! If it's good enough for a five year old…? That's my back-up plan for the summer!

  6. Years (decades?) ago, my wife lived in South Carolina while doing her residency training in Charleston. By the time August rolled around, swimming in the ocean was no longer refreshing, it just made you a different kind of sticky!

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