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How often do you clean the house? I mean really clean the house?  As for me I’m not motivated to have a completely spotless home, but I do keep it looking nice.  The dishes are washed nightly or at least by morning.  The trash is dumped when full. The bathrooms are presentable, especially the main bathroom. I just don’t vacuum and dust on a regular basis, unless people are coming over.  Every other Wednesday I host our writing critique group.  That’s when the floor gets vacuumed, the dusty things are dusted, and all the clutter from the table transforms to a clean table top. It’s nice and everything looks great for a few days.   But then I slump back and only do what’s necessary.
This week the stakes have been raised.  Saturday (as in three days from now) we are hosting the annual family reunion.  We’re expecting somewhere between 30-35 family members.  That means the whole house needs to be in order including both bathrooms, bedrooms, and just about everywhere else.
I suppose I should have worked on it a little at a time but I figured why bother, it would just need to be cleaned again.  Wrongo.  I think it would have been better to just do the quick wipe-down that the total clean-up.  Suddenly I notice the fuzz on unmoving ceiling fans and the smudge on the hallway wall.  The sliding glass door has doggie nose prints and the window ledges are dusty.    The clutter on the table has become a force to be reckoned with and I don’t know what to do with my last soap project that still needs curing time.Things that usually could be stuck in a box and hidden in my room now need serious thought.  Yes, I admit to shoving unopened mail and yesterday’s unread newspaper in a box and leaving it my room when friends are due to arrive.  But now since the guests will be abundant I cannot pull off that trick.   My friend used to admit hiding unwashed dishes in the oven when guests showed up unexpectedly.  I’ve never done that, but it might be an idea for the newspaper and unread mail since we are planning on barbequing outside.

I do have helpers.  My daughter and son.  Husband too.  I’ve made the list and have been going over it, trying to not be overwhelmed.  But no matter what; more chores tend to creep up at the last minute.  Patios swept, cobwebs brushed off eaves, and the pile of stuff near the fireplace has got to go.Ah, the fireplace.  A possible hiding place?  I don’t think we’ll be building a fire since it’s supposed to be in the 90’s.  Maybe I can sneak the mail and newspapers in there and no one will notice.

6 thoughts on “House Cleaning

  1. LOL Housework is the bane if my existence. I love a clean and orderly house. My house is always orderly; but, not always as clean as I would like it. I cleaned this morning. I'm good for a couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy your family reunion.

  2. After years of perfectionism that almost drove me crazy (or maybe it did) I came to the conclusion that as long as it was clean enough to prevent illness I was not going kill myself trying to keep it OCD clean. Enjoyable as always.

  3. How often do I clean? Don't ask! I am a terrible housekeeper (rebelling against my mother's clean-freak upbringing…lol!) If desperate…under the bed, in closets, trunk of a car…all good clutter receptacles. Or just don't worry about it and blame any clutter on whichever family member is farthest from earshot. 😉 Don't work so hard you can't enjoy the day.

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