Misting Systems and Tetanus Shots

A few months ago I went for my yearly physical.  The doctor encouraged me to get a flu shot because of that nasty outbreak making its rounds.  She also reminded me it had been over 20 years since my last tetanus shot.  I declined the tetanus shot (my first mistake) and instead opted for just the flu shot; after all the chances of getting the flu back in March were much more likely.  Plus I really didn’t want to deal with two achy arms at the same time.  Okay, in reality I hate needles and totally wimped out.  You might be wondering what my medical history has to do with misting systems.I promise it will make sense in a few more paragraphs.
Note: This is not my house, but thought it was an awesome set up.
Photo: site.mistingdirect.com
Our family enjoys sitting out under the patio in the backyard.  After barbequing or just for a change of scenery it’s fun to eat outside or just sit and enjoy the cool breeze coming through.  Although summers in Bakersfield can be uncomfortable with evening temperatures hanging in the high 90s compelling us to forget the patio until the weather is a bit kinder.
Lately I’ve noticed many businesses in town have installed misting systems, enticing customers to come and relax, enveloping them in a cooling mist.  They look so refreshing and inviting. The insiders laugh and enjoy themselves, while the outsiders were wipe their brows and run for air conditioners.  I wanted that cool, welcoming mist for our patio.  We could enjoy our evenings outside again even if it was unbearably hot.
I did a little research and found a ‘simple to install’ system.  The reviews were positive, in fact a guy in Texas swore it cooled down his gazebo at least 30 degrees during the humid Texas summers.  Sounded like just what I wanted.   I bought the system along with extra hose and misting nozzles – enough to cover the parameter of 48 feet.  “Parameter” — finally the geometry I took in high school came in handy.
My daughter and I planned to tackle the job first thing in the morning; after all the directions said it would only take about thirty minutes.  Well, it didn’t actually go up that easy, plus add in a staple puncture incident and a few phone calls to the doctor for an appointment for a tetanus shot and it actually took a bit longer.
The system did install quite nicely, and except for a few leaks that were fixed later it worked pretty well.  Thanks to my daughter who installed the bulk of the system while I stood on the ground and handed her parts.  My job, although easy, was the cause of my soon-to-come trauma.
You see, I don’t like to wear shoes (my second mistake).  Not in the winter, not in the summer.  So yes, I was outside helping with no shoes when I felt a stabbing pain. I looked at the bottom of my foot and noticed a staple embedded in the arch of my foot.  Owwie!   After pulling it out I also noticed it was a bit rusty.  Note: It was a lot rusty and I wasn’t happy because I knew what was going to happen next.  Yes, a call to the doctor confirmed I needed ‘the shot’.  Damn.  Did I mention I really hate needles?
We decided to finish installing the misting system before the trip to the doctor.  Although, I thought sure I could feel the dreaded tetanus virus coursing through my body that whole morning.   My jaw felt a little stiff and my joints started to ache even though Web MD noted tetanus wouldn’t show up for a few weeks.  But after reading the symptoms I swear I could feel it coming on.  I also get side aches when someone I know gets appendicitis.   I also hate reading the symptoms from prescription medicine because I swear I feel half of those too, but I digress…
Later that afternoon Michelle took me to the doctor to get my shot.  I was good and I even got a Snoopy Band-Aid.  (I had to have something fun to show for my pain and suffering.)  Plus, because I was so brave, Michelle even treated me to frozen custard.  On a side note, she had wanted to stop and try the custard for a few weeks, so I think it was just an excuse, but I didn’t complain.
My treat for being brave.
In retrospect I should have gotten the shot back in March because I wouldn’t have had to deal with all the stress again. I also should have worn shoes.  But, I did get a treat and a subject for a blog post.  And by the way, after I stepped on the staple, the first thing I thought about was “what a good story for a blog post”.  How sad is that?
So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by.  The system is refreshing and inviting.  The cool mist envelopes you as you relax under the patio.  Just remember to wear shoes or make sure your tetanus shots are up to date – I think I saw other staples lurking in the grass.

6 thoughts on “Misting Systems and Tetanus Shots

  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one to bare my feet during home repairs.
    The custard was awesome! I've never tried it before this trip and I will say I will be going back. The prices are reasonable, and the food looked great – along with all of the yummy custard treats.


  2. My tetanus shot is long out of date too. But I generally wear shoes when doing yard and house around the house. So hopefully I won't be needing anything soon. I don't have a fear or even an issue with needles, but it is pretty inconvenient to make an extra trip to the doctor.

    I'm a bit curious about “parameter” might you have meant perimeter? I can think of contexts where parameter would be right, but mentioning school geometry made me think perimeter would be more appropriate. Though you might have had a better HS geometry class than I did.

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