The Toaster is Toasted

I hate looking for new toasters.  It seems no matter how hard you look, there’s never one that comes close to the old familiar friend.  Yes, they have bigger and better models, but then you have to get used to all the new-fangled buttons and dials.  Toasting becomes a test to see which setting gives it the best look and crunch.  There’s a breaking-in period when no one’s toast looks right and breakfast doesn’t flow as well.
I love our old toaster.  A Black and Decker model with enough space for four pieces of any bread product of your choice.  The slots easily handle thick bagel slices without having to mangle the piece to make them fit.  It has lots of settings — from a light tan to dark brown, frozen (in case you forgot to take the loaf from the freezer) and one-sided toasting for special occasions. It’s always been good to us, until now.
A month or so ago the right side gave out.  No matter how much coaxing and pleading, the button wouldn’t stay when you pushed it down.  The heating element would come on, but no go on the toasting part.
I cleaned it out, carefully checking for bits of blackened toast particles.  I turned it upside down and shook it, dislodging more toasted particles.  But it just mocked me, heating up the air.  So close, yet so far from a crunchy piece of toast.
The left side still worked though.  With two people eating toast it took a bit longer, but it was do-able.  One of us could wait; it was worth it.
But yesterday, our wonderful half-working toaster decided to make everyone wait. The left side didn’t want to stay down.  It popped the soft bread back up as if to say, “No toast for you!”
This morning my husband resorted to holding the button down until the bread had a golden look to it.  Although this worked, I didn’t see myself standing there holding the button for my own toast. I opted to go toast-less this morning.
After breakfast we cleaned it out again, shook it, even polished the chrome to make it feel young and pretty again.  But no.  It was done.  It lasted five years, six months and nine days.  Time to let it rest …
Thanks for all the bagels, hamburger buns and Pop Tarts made just right. For the times one needed just one slice instead of two, or three or four.  I guess it’s time to go look for a replacement.  Mornings just won’t be the same.

2 thoughts on “The Toaster is Toasted

  1. I can relate, I just went through this dilemma with my coffee maker. And like you I “hate” looking for a new one. But after much research and being frustrated with having to replace another expensive coffee maker I opted for a no fangle percolator.

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