There Needs To Be a “B” Rating

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The cat had an upset tummy this morning and left a present on the carpet.  I think it was a hairball, but I’m not one to inspect that kind of stuff.  I grabbed her and tossed her out the slider door and tried to forget about it.  Then I threw about a dozen paper towels on top of the mess, put on my girl panties and dealt with it.  The problem is that I don’t do well with barf, never have.
When my kids were young I had no problem changing poo diapers, but when it came to upset stomachs I wanted to turn in my mom card.  Of course one can’t toss the kid outside like the cat, but it’s just one of those things I hated to face.
Speaking of barf, have you noticed more and more of it showing up in movies and even television shows?  I really want to petition the movie rating board to include a “B” for “Barf Rating”.  Maybe something to let us know what to expect such as “some scenes include suggested barfing” or “explicit barfing”… or at least warn us weak-stomached people to know whether we should avoid the movie or at least have some sort of forewarning.  They rate sex, violence, language – why not barfing?  Personally, I find barf much more offensive than bad language.  I’m so bad I’ll even avoid movies that I know show any kind of implied retching.  I find it gross and in bad taste (sorry, pun not intended).  
I used to be able to avoid it by having another family member watch the movie first.  If it was a movie I really wanted to see, they’d give me a two-minute warning so I could turn my head or go turn on the garbage disposal.  But lately, it’s gotten so bad I’m avoiding watching many of the newer movies.  And, what’s up with showing it on television? Everything from The Office to even Family Guy.  I’ve just about stopped watching certain shows without my family’s pre-screening. 
Maybe it’s just me but for now I think I’ll stick to my old familiar movies and television shows.  At least I know I can watch without having to worry about gross displays of things I really don’t need to see.  I wonder if enough people complained, would they implement a barf-rating?  I’ll start my letter-writing campaign as soon as I finish this post. 
What do you think?  Does this bother you or am I the only one?

4 thoughts on “There Needs To Be a “B” Rating

  1. Avoid the movie Pitch Perfect…you will not like it. I am not fond of barf scenes but other things squick me worse. I'm not good with excessive gore and hate joint manipulation…especially knees. There's a movie where the aliens' knees bend backwards…I was squirming in my seat the entire time. No, just no.

  2. Yes Pitch perfect was awful. I had to turn away and cover my ears. I too have a weak stomach and my husband pre screens tor me. When my kids get sick enough to vomit I send their dad in there. He handles that stuff.

  3. I'm with you all, I would rather not deal with it and usually end up feeling queasy when I have to, but for some reason I always deal with barf duty, irregardless of animal or human. Not fair..I wonder if other's know some kind of slick trick to get out of it…

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