A-Z Blog Challenge: “F” is for Fall

I love this time of the year when the hot weather transitions into comfortable days and cool, crisp nights.  When the first day of fall arrived, I had a few traditions to welcome the new season.
First on the list was decorating the house with my array of fall items.  An autumn wreath I made a few years ago hangs above the fireplace.  Little red berries peek from behind orange and red leaves covering the mantle, as a few pieces of Indian corn lay nestled in the leaves for added color.
 I also have a ‘holiday tree’ which now displays raffia with orangey and yellow-brown leaves and little pumpkins sharing selected spots among the branches. Pumpkin Cupcake fragrance drifts though the house teasing our noses with scents of the season.
Next, I enjoy baking as the weather coaxes the amber-hued leaves to drift down from the trees covering the lawn with a crunchy covering. I bring out my favorite recipes because it’s finally time to enjoy a steaming cup of lentil soup with little oyster crackers bobbing in the mixture.  Or maybe a cup of potato soup, with a hint of garlic and onion.  Minestrone sounds good right now too.  And since I still have fresh basil and tons of tomatoes growing in the garden, I’ll enjoy using homegrown ingredients.
Along with hearty soups, I also enjoy making sweet treats like apple crisp, apple pie, and a variety of cookies, including snicker doodles and oatmeal.  I like to open the windows letting in the cool morning air and bake early.  Since the house doesn’t heat up, I’m more in the mood to treat the family to homemade goodies.
 A new joy for this fall will be planning the winter garden.
Most of the summer vegetable plants have stopped producing, although I’m still finding 40-50 grape and a dozen or so cherry tomatoes a week.
Plus just in time for the season, I ended up with one pumpkin (about the size of a tennis ball right now).
Since our winters are so mild, I’m thinking about planting broccoli, carrots, peas, and lettuce-type crops. Of course, I’ll have to clean out the planting boxes, but as the cooler weather invites me outdoors, my wind chimes serenade me from the gentle breezes.
I’m not much of a hot weather person.  When the weather starts dipping into the 70s during the day and 50s at night I feel renewed and invigorated.  I take walks again in the evening and enjoy being outside.  The air is cleaner.  The sun sets earlier.  I love fall, it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

5 thoughts on “A-Z Blog Challenge: “F” is for Fall

  1. I came across a really cool fall, well halloween decoration that I'm very excited to employ this year. Take emtpied toilet paper rolls and cut menacing eye shapes into the paper, then put an orange or yellow or red glow stick inside and place them in the bushes around your house as if there's beastys hiding within watching all the people that pass by.

  2. Fall is a delightful time for me, too, Joan. I don't decorate much, but I love the abundance of pumpkin-flavored items that signal the season. Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, pumpkin bread mixes and pumpkin spice coffee at Trader Joe's. And, the pumpkin pies are out at Costco. If we have a large crowd of folks, I make a favorite (and large) dessert called Pumpkin Crunch. Hmmm. Mouth watering. xoA

  3. Fall is indeed the best time of year…well, once it gets into proper fall-type weather which is more November than October for me. But I do like the shift in atmosphere, the fall colors, etc. And I love the fall baking. My go-to fall recipe is the gingersnap…they make your house smell absolutely amazing! 🙂

  4. Fall is awesome. When I lived on the East Coast, it was the classic leaves turning (and raking) including pilgrimages to drives through “Fall colors.” Nice, but timing and crowds are issues. Fall in Nor Cal means our warmest, clearest weather. Oh, the glories of October!

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