A-Z Blog Challenge: “V” is for Virtual Shopping

I’ve never been a fan of shopping around a lot of people, especially crowded malls and department stores, whether it’s the middle of summer or around a big holiday.

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I’ve taken part in Black Friday twice: Once as a participant, elbow to elbow with shoppers at Target; once as a cashier working at JC Penney’s when the doors opened and people scattered like baby chickens scouring for feed.  I didn’t enjoy either experience.

Both of these times were back when Black Friday started at 5:00AM the day AFTER Thanksgiving, and not one minute before.  As much as I hate what these “Special” shopping days have become, I’ll save that rant for another day.


This post is about virtual shopping or shopping online from the comfort of one’s house.  With a mouse in one hand and favorite beverage in the other, I would much rather navigate through pages of items and an internet connection, than aisles of frustrated shoppers and no parking places.
Depending on my shopping needs I’ll peruse a few favorite places before I make my final purchase.  Shopping for books, movies and some crafting items I might check out Amazon.  Other times I’ll go to my preferred specialty stores for soap making or other crafting supplies.

I like to look for the best prices for both products and shipping. Saving a ton on the price but paying high shipping costs just doesn’t make sense.  With some sites I even get free shipping if I order $25 or more, helping me save even more money.  If I’m not ready to spend $25 I’ll save up my purchases, just so I don’t spend more to save.

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Once the purchase it made, I wait for my package to be delivered.  When the Big Brown Truck pulls drives up the street my heart skips a beat hoping it’s coming to my curb.  If so, I’ll hide behind the door to receive my much anticipated merchandise.  Every once in a while, I’ve even been known to open the front door just as the delivery person is coming up the sidewalk before they ring the bell – yeah, I enjoy getting my stuff.

Although most anything can be bought online, there are some things I still prefer to purchase in person such as groceries, clothes and shoes.

One of the local grocery stores makes deliveries in town, but for me, I really prefer picking out my own produce and other edibles.  I don’t mind heading to the store, but I will shop in the earlier hours before the crowds.

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Clothes and tennis shoes are the types of items I need to wear before I buy.  If they don’t fit in all the right places it can be the source of great discomfort.  Even after trying on shoes I’ve come home to discover they are not what I thought I was getting.  Or ever try on pants or a shirt, only to take them home and wonder what the heck you were thinking when you looked in the mirror?  I have, and it’s just a bit fru

strating.  Then you have to go back to the shopping establishment, stand in line and return the item in question, which you’ll usually get store credit so you can come back and relive the memory of shopping over and over again.

Sometimes the glamour and glitz of sales will create impulse buying, which I don’t find happening as much online.  In my virtual stores I can look, price and then save my items in a virtual cart.  I can click “buy” or wait until the time is right.  Although I will admit, any time it comes to books I have to be really careful.  I could impulse-buy a whole Big Brown Truck-load in a single click.  Buy-All? Why of course, I’d love to…

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So for the time being, I’ll stick to online purchasing and stay out of the stores.  

I’ll keep saving my wish list for purchase on another day, or until I find a really great excuse for a new book then watch out!

4 thoughts on “A-Z Blog Challenge: “V” is for Virtual Shopping

  1. I agree, Joan, that sometimes it’s just a pain to go out in the world and mingle with the other shoppers. But, I must confess to an occasional cave-in to buying more than I’d planned, even online. How did Amazon know I would like THAT book, too? Thank you. xoA

  2. I Love Black Friday Shopping.!!! I went with my 13 yr old daughter and my Mother-in-law. We had fun…but I am a shopaholic so it was fun to me. Plus I am impatient. I can’t wait on packages, I have to go and get what I want.

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