A-Z Challenge: “S” is for Sunrise, Sunset

I consider myself a non-professional when it comes to photography.  Took a few classes back in high school, learned how to develop film in a darkroom, and watched magical images appear when the exposed paper was dipped in developing fluid.

2013-08-03 04.55.59

Back in those days everything was on film.  Although it was fun to take pictures, it was also costly to see the results.  I remember taking in a roll of film to be developed about 15 years ago.  When I looked at the results, I found a dozen pictures my older son had taken of his tennis shoes (all in different poses).  He was thrilled to see them, I wasn’t happy to have funded his photo shoot.

Back in those days you had to buy film and take it in to be developed before you could see the images were in sharp and in focus or just a bunch of blurry blobs of nothing.  It was hit and miss to get a whole roll of film to come out perfectly.

2013-01-20 17.05.12

Now we have digital cameras at our fingertips practically at all times.  Whether we use a smartphone or an actual camera, most everyone has instant access to just-taken shots.  One can save or delete without the cost of developing – even for a photo shoot of tennis shoes.

Personally I enjoy capturing sunsets – and (if and when I get up early enough) sunrises too.

2013-08-19 18.56.57

Sometimes, the evening sky opens to a breathtaking scene, full of vibrant colors with a camera-ready shot.  Other times, I might notice a spectacular view after a storm.  And yes, once in a while looking east I discover the first morning light.

Once the scene is perfect, there’s only a few moments to photograph it before the light changes creating an entirely new display.  Even in the span of five minutes the view shifts making each fleeting moment extremely important.

2013-08-03 05.00.48

Throughout this post I’ve shared a few flashes forever frozen in time.  Missed shots are gone forever, but each day the opportunity begins again – the chance to preserve a short-lived event forever.

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?  Share in the comments section.

One thought on “A-Z Challenge: “S” is for Sunrise, Sunset

  1. I held out a long time with my Cannon film camera. Opening the package of newly-developed photos was always like Christmas. But, I still get a little Christmas with my digital camera. Since I don’t always see the photos that well when I play back on the camera window, I’ve been pleasantly surprised after transferring my day’s shoot onto the computer. Thanks, xoA

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