A-Z Blog Challenge: “W” is for Wrinkle-Free

A-Z Wrinkle 1

Has this ever happened to you? Wash clothes, then throw them in the dryer and forget about them?  Open dryer door to find lots of cold, wrinkly garments unfit to wear in public?  Yeah, it’s happened to me too.  Sometimes I was doing something else and just didn’t hear the dryer give its final warning. But I will admit, most of the time I was too lazy to get up and take them out when the buzzer beckoned.

A-Z Wrinkle 3

After all, the labels had that nice little picture of an iron with a red slash across it implying my clothes were “wrinkle-free”.  And because I trust everything I read (ahem), I didn’t answer the call of the dryer.   But upon taking them out, I realized I had been misled and my apparel would need some serious help before it would be appealing. Fortunately (because they required no ironing) I spritzed water on them, tossed them back in and they were as good as new in a short while – as long as I removed them promptly.

It wasn’t always this way.  I remember the loads of ironing my mom would set aside on a weekly basis for both of us to tackle.  I’d watch her iron the more difficult pieces like my dad’s cotton shirts, triggering perfect puffs of escaping white steam from the iron as she pressed it back and forth.

A-Z Wrinkle 2

I retrieved the pillowcases and handkerchiefs from the pile and tried to imitate her smooth back and forth motions. Although thinking back, I wondered why someone would need a perfectly ironed cotton hankie.  Or did I really need to neatly press pillowcases when they were hidden under the covers?  It seemed like a lot of wasted work in my opinion.  But, as much as I brought up these insightful questions Mom heaped more ironing on the pile.

As much as didn’t see the point in some of my own pressing chores, I happened to know someone who really had ironing OCD.   They ironed jeans, sheets and underwear.  Yes – underwear!  I never understood the reasoning in wearing ironed underthings, as who would ever know? Or care?

Even though I don’t partake in the pastime of using steam and a bulky electric iron to make my clothes nice and neat, I still have an old Sunbeam up in the closet.  There’s also a counter-top ironing board for quick fixes.  But, neither one has been used in quite a few years.

But I suppose if I ever get the urge for perfectly pressed sheets or undies, I’ll get the ‘tools’ out for memory’s sake.  But on second thought, probably not… I’ll just throw them in the dryer again and hope I remember to get them out before it’s too late.

A-Z Wrinkle 4

One thought on “A-Z Blog Challenge: “W” is for Wrinkle-Free

  1. Funny! Yes, I just pulled my husbands shirts out of the dryer and they were in pretty bad shape. But he irons. He sets up the board and irons all his clothes. Me I never use an iron unless I am ironing on girl scout patches on iron-on letters. I too use the “throw them back in the dryer until the wrinkles fall out” method.

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