Birthday Week

Michelle 16 mo
Michelle 16 months


Today I celebrate my first-born’s birthday. Michelle came into this world on the evening of February 19, 1980, a few hours after a rare tornado ripped the roof off the Fresno (California) airport. A few days past my due date but (as the nurses pointed out) a perfect labor and delivery – twelve hours start to finish with no complications.


Two years minus two days later, on February 17th, 1982, Michelle’s younger brother Brian arrived. A week past his due date, he arrived quickly, only a few hours after I checked into the hospital. Things got a little hectic and my doctor almost missed the delivery. Two children, two days apart.

Brian 8 months
Brian 8 months

Everyone gave me a bad time. “Is February the only month you can give birth?” Plus the proverbial, “What did you celebrate in May?” Maybe we were celebrating the winner of the Indy 500.


Time passed and their dad and I divorced. I remarried and three years later I discovered I was expecting baby #3 in early March. At least I didn’t have a February due date again.

Sixteen years and three days after Michelle’s debut her little brother Matthew was born on February 22, 1996. The second marriage didn’t break the cycle. I had a few challenges and my pregnancy ended much earlier than expected. Although I was in the hospital, Matt appeared so quick my doctor missed the entire birth. Only five pounds, he was born healthy and joined his older siblings for birth day week. Three children, five days apart.

Matt 1 year
Matt 1 year

I used to think it was some cosmic joke, so many birthdays so close together. But it after a while it wasn’t too bad, although it did get expensive at times – with gifts, parties and celebrations.  Thank goodness income taxes come back in the second week of the month!


The last few years I’ve made gifting easier on myself – a check totaling the birthday year. Although at some point I will have to put a limit on the amount, as it could get really expensive.


Brian was 32 on Monday, Michelle 34 today and Matt will turn 18 this coming Saturday.  I guess I can’t call them children any more since the youngest will officially be an adult.  Where does the time go?

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