I Might Have OCD…

I’ve often wondered if I have OCD tendencies or if I’m just ‘helping’ straighten things that looked out of place. I first realized my desire to ‘help’ when we signed escrow papers a few years ago. I remember I couldn’t help notice the painting in front of me was a bit askew. Actually, it was a lot askew – so much I needed to adjust my seat because it really bugged me. I would have gotten up to fix it, but the escrow officer was there the whole time, and I didn’t want to be rude. But, all I could think about was how could someone hang a picture and not ‘fix’ it where they became un-straight. Especially in a public place where people are forced to sit and stare at such disturbing images for long periods of time.

Then I noticed my annoyances at my doctor’s office. You know the wall where several framed documents display the accolades of the physician? It was all I could do not to straighten them, I mean the least they could do is hang them where they all line up along the top, not haphazardly where there is no distinct parallel line.

Recently I visited urgent care (twice) and my GYN (once) to deal with a challenging bladder infection. While in both places I noticed a true travesty of justice (and took pictures to prove it). In both offices, someone had stacked the surgical gloves without any thought to their orientation. It seemed one of the boxes in each office was (gasp!) upside down. Well, since I had the pleasure of waiting for the physicians to make their appearance, I took the liberty and became a SASOSG (Self-Appointed Straightener Of Surgical Gloves). As you can see from the before and after pictures, I did a darn good job to make those two offices just a bit better for people who crave a bit more order in their lives. Although, now looking at the pictures, I didn’t line them up properly. Sigh. Hopefully another SASOSG will visit those offices and fix them for me.






One last thing I’ve also noticed recently is egg placement. When there’s only a few left in the carton, do you make sure they’re even or just leave them sit any old way? For myself, I like to balance them out – for weight distribution purposes of course – especially like the images “B” and “D.” Although “C” is do-able, “A” makes me crazy. I guess that does make me a bit OCD.


Do you have tendencies to straighten pictures, re-stack glove boxes, or redistribute eggs? Share in the comments.



5 thoughts on “I Might Have OCD…

  1. Donnee Harris says:

    Ugh! I always have the urge to straighten things. It drives me crazy especially when I have children they make sure EVERYTHING is out of place. Oh and I would probable do “B”. “A” drives me crazy. Great post.

  2. I move the last eggs to balance the carton. I’ve pulled out unbalanced cartons which have landed on the floor. As for the way they look, I could care less. However, I agree with you about skewed pictures. They need to be straightened. Maybe it’s not as much an OCD thing but the fact that some of us are very visual and the way things look matter.

  3. LizE says:

    Lol, this is so funny! I cannot stand to see anything in a public place out of order. I would have straightened the picture and the gloves and all the magazines. Never considered I might be OCD. But after reading this, I just may be. ?

    Great blog Joan.

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