Plethora of Poppies

With our recent deluge of rain and spring-like weather, seeds sewn last year are coming to life. Although most flowers bloomed and faded last season, some never got past the greenery stage. Despite the brutal summer heat, two small plants continued growing. Several times I considered yanking them out because they never produced any flowers, but something told me to give them another season.

I’m happy I didn’t give up on them. A few weeks ago, as the rain nourished and the sun warmed the little plants, long stems emerged from the middles and I realized I might be in for an early spring show of color. Each day I checked, and sure enough I saw more and more buds appearing.

Then, one day it happened! Walking out my front door I was greeted by two blooming poppy plants. First just a few, but soon it became a plethora of poppies enhancing my flower bed with delicate, orange blooms.

I’ve always loved Golden Poppies, also known as the California state flower. In the spring, poppies paint the hillsides a deep carroty hue. People travel from miles around to see them in bloom. Closing their petals at night, they reopen each morning as the sun rises, but because they are so delicate the blooms don’t last few long, maybe a few days at most.

This year, though, I’m fortunate to have my own display of color. Right outside my door. And, with so many blooms, which form seed pods, I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy plethoras of poppies for many, many years to come.

7 thoughts on “Plethora of Poppies

  1. These colorful flowers always cheer me up! Have you ever been out to the poppy preserve? Our motorcycle club rode out there a few years ago, and we got some beautiful photos of us among the poppies. Thanks, Joan. xoA

  2. tabi cooper says:

    Hope they’re still there when I see you next week. Trusting your instinct.
    It’s a good thing I must keep reminding myself. Thanx for sharing.

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