Dandelion Whine

Even though it’s early February, my garden thinks it is spring. Bees are humming. Daffodils are blooming. And the weeds are spreading

I enjoy spending time in my garden – as previous posts have purported. As a kid, I hated weeding, but as an adult it’s my chance to get away from the computer and phone and head outside soaking up the sun and enjoying the peace and quiet.

As I surveyed our lawn, I noticed the grassy areas had been overtaken by my favorite childhood weed – the dandelion. I thought back to the thrill of finding the tall-stemmed puff balls at the end of each plant. I’d grab a handful. Close my eyes. Make a wish. Take a deep breath and blow. Then I’d watch all my wishes float across the yard.

My dad would scold me and at the time, I had no idea why he didn’t see the fun in my endeavors. Little did I realize my flurry of wishes just sent seeds of destruction throughout the entire block.

The other day, I devoted the better part of the afternoon to deal with the dandelions. Digging up plants, I cradled the faded blooms in my hands trying to get them in the trash before the wind caught them. But, alas some escaped drifting over to the neighbors’ yards. After I noticed their lawns were also filled with mounds of maturing plants waiting to release puffy seeds into the universe, I didn’t feel as bad.

By the end of the day, I’d only covered a small part of the yard. And even though I dug up and tossed what seemed like hundreds of plants,  more sat waiting for me. Daring me to grab them before they released their wishes on the rest of the block.

So, here’s to the mighty dandelion, a little plant causing such a mixed reaction. Wish spreader for children. Weed spreader for adults.

For now, I’ll focus on the child-like wonder of it all. After all, everyone could use a few more wishes.

4 thoughts on “Dandelion Whine

  1. Loved your statement, “Wish spreader for children, weed spreader for adults”. And my child view also appreciated the idea of sending everyone a few more wishes. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of your garden time.

  2. Beautiful story, Joan. Captures the dichotomy between the puff-ball dandelion we loved to blow on as kids and the irksome weed we have to uproot as adults. How many other things in our lives illicit different responses as we age? Puppies? Sleep-overs? Hmmm!

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