Sock It to Me

I only own a few pairs of shoes. The minimum to get by – tennis shoes, two pair of ‘dress up’ sandals, and my Birkenstock sandals. That’s all. I’m good with that.

But when it comes to socks, I’ve got oodles. Several for every holiday. Many just for fun. All of them make me happy. Short socks. Long socks. In-between socks. Socks for any and every occasion.

I’m pretty much an introvert when it comes to clothes. Nothing fancy – a pair of jeans and a casual blouse or sweater.

But my feet are extroverts.

They want to stand out in a crowd. Steal the show. Be noticed. In other words, my piggies love to strut their stuff from inside my variety of socks.

Depending on the time of year, I might wear something different for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day.  July 4th and Halloween are also covered.





And, I even have a few pairs of mismatched socks from the Sock Lady (thanks for the head’s up Annis!)





My daughter, Michelle, gave me Gumby socks. They give me that child-like spring in my step.






And today? I’m wearing my Valentine’s Day socks. No surprise there!

Do you like to wear special socks for holidays or other occasions? Tell us about them in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Sock It to Me

  1. Ann Cook says:

    I am an extrovert sock lover, too, especially with clogs. My all-time favorite was a pair of toe-socks that looked like dairy cows and my toes were pink udders. I’m always on the lookout for my next new pair.

  2. YES! I love socks, too. I have an array of mis-matched ones from the Sock Lady. And, right now, I’m into Bombas.

    I have also acquired a couple of pair of toe socks. A black pair came as a birthday gift last summer, and since trying them, I went seeking a second pair. What fun and comfort when I’m wearing my sandals in Oregon.

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