Each year our writer’s club, Writers of Kern, encourages members and non-members to take part in an annual blog challenge.

I’ve put my name in the ring several times and finished once. Though it sounds simple, it’s not. Thirteen weeks, 26 posts—an average of two per week, unless you get behind. Then it can be daunting.

It used to be the A-Z Challenge, with each post representing one letter of the alphabet. A path to run on, following the progression of letters until you came to the end.

Our good friend and WOK member, Dan McGuire, was the master blogger. With over 700 posts (an average of three-a-week), the challenge was never a challenge. Except that last year, when cancer took away his ability to write. Since then, we’ve remembered Dan by naming the blog challenge in his honor.

Along with a great group of writers, I’ve decided to challenge myself to take part. To embrace my weirdness with no real theme in mind, other than 26 posts in thirteen weeks.

And while winners get a certificate and bragging rights for a year, it’s more of being part of something bigger. To accept the challenge and see where it ends up.

Best of success to all!