Left or Right

(Originally posted March 12, 2018)

I fell off the gluten-free wagon the other day and purchased a bag of Fun Size Twix bars. The gooey caramel, mixed with the crunchy cookie, covered in chocolate called to me.

I figured if I was going to blow it, I might as well get all the good stuff at once (chocolate, cookie, and gooeyness).

After snacking on a few, I happened to notice the empty wrappers were labeled “Right” or “Left.” And, then to my horror, I noticed the wrappers were not equal. Meaning, I’d eaten a few more “Left” than “Right.”

My OCD kicked in. I’d have to even the score. After all, how could I sit there and look at three labels that had not given the Right/Left challenge a fair test?

So, I did the only brave thing I could think of… I evened the score. Yes, I ate three more Fun Size Twix bars. And, after surveying the spent wrappers I relaxed knowing that both sides had been represented three times.

Sitting here looking at six empty wrappers, I’ve realized a few things:

1. I really enjoy Twix candy bars.

2. While the labels say differently, they tasted the same.

3. When I decide to ‘conduct’ more research, I’ll make sure to take eat them in pairs.

4. Whoever thought of the Right/Left idea was genius.

5. I just ate six small candy bars when I’d only meant to eat three. Sigh.

Well, so much for sacrificing myself to settle the big Right/Left dispute. Now to get rid of the evidence before someone wonders where all the candy bars went.