April 20

Snippets from my five-year diary.

April 20.

*1970 (age 12): Got Report Cards – 2 C’s, 3 B-’s, 4 B’s, 3 B+’s; 3/2’s, 1/1-’s, 3/1’s; 1 day absent, 0 tardies. On back, Mrs. Allen said “Good Joan, much improvement here”

As I mentioned before, grades were a big deal. I noticed, no “A’s” this time. The numbers were for conduct, participation, etc. I always got “1’s” in conduct because I didn’t talk. On the flipside, I always got “2’s” and “3’s” in participation, because I didn’t like to talk in class.

*1971 (age 13): Tues. Gym day we played dodgeball.

My least favorite sport, especially since we played in the parking lot between the church and the Catholic school. I remember lots of skinned knees back in those days.

*1972 (age 14): Thurs. Had a party for Sister Mary Rose – it was fun – today’s her birthday.

Sister Mary Rose was our 8th-grade teacher. She was height-challenged and was shorter than most of the students. She was also the principal of our school, St. Therese. So you didn’t want to get in trouble in class, because the principal already would know about it.

*1973 (age 15): Fri – Yesterday at Roeding [Park] I went on the upside-down Ferris wheel. I’ve never been so scared in my life. I swear I’ll never go on another Ferris Wheel in my life.

This vow must have been easily forgotten because I do remember Mom and me going to the Fresno Fair where were rode a Ferris Wheel. We both hated it and begged the guy to stop it and let us off. Of course, he didn’t and though we survived, I have never ridden a Ferris Wheel since.

*1974 (age 16): Sat. Did a few chores. Went shipping with Mom; got a new dress – very pretty, a swimsuit, bra, hair curlers, and I guess that’s it.

Hair curlers. I remember those pink foam things that my mom would use to roll my long hair. It was like sleeping on hard pokey things all night long. Though, I must say my hair looked great the next day.


Note to self: While most of these entries seemed like everyday things – playing dodgeball, going shopping with mom, riding a Ferris wheel, they will become memories that will stick with you. Enjoy the fun and, sometimes, scary things. You’ll survive and it will be okay.