Mar 25

Snippets from my five-year diary.

March 25.

*1970 (age 12): Got allowance $2.00. Vicki came over and snooped in my diary (she always does it!) Vicki wants to say something HI it says hi.

Allowance! My monthly reward for chores.

Vicki always snooped in my diary. When she came over, she’d read it – and a few times shared a few of my secrets. This time I caught her and she added her “Hi” to the page.

*1971 (age 13): Thur. – it was raining. Avon day today.

Mom and I loved the rain so it was a big deal when it rained. So was Avon day.

*1972 (age 14): Sat. Went and sang for Sister Suzanne’s 25th jubilee celebration – had fun. Got my Lost in Space poster I sent for.

While I don’t remember Sister Suzanne, I do remember that Lost in Space poster. I loved the show and ordered a poster from an ad in one of my teen magazines. Once I got it, I hung it on my bedroom wall along with several others. One of my favorites was a poster of Chad Everett (Dr. Gannon on Medical Center). Yes, I know I’m dating myself by mentioning that show. I had the biggest crush on him and watched the show each week.

Fast forward to several years ago. My oldest son had a job washing windows of the rich and famous in the Los Angeles area. One day he called and asked me to guess who’s windows he’d just washed. After a few incorrect guesses, he told me it was Chad Everett’s house. And – Mr. Everett and his wife had invited my son inside to chat after he finished. About six months later we heard Mr. Everett had passed away. I’m happy someone in the family had a chance to meet him.

*1973 (age 15): Sun – Went to play tennis. At first, Greg couldn’t come because he had to mow the lawn but he finally came and then we walked all around Fresno High together.

Playing tennis at Fresno High was a favorite pastime for all of us. The school was six blocks from my house and we’d all meet there and play. If no one could play, there was a handball court which made a great backstop for practicing serves and returns. I didn’t much care for handball, but I loved to play tennis.

*1974 (age 16): Mon. Well nothing interesting happened at school – just the usual. Had a Driver’s Ed test and a Spanish test. I hope I did good on each.

Wow, tests on a Monday. What were those teachers thinking? Must have made for a fun weekend – of studying.


Note to self: While you were livid (and embarrassed) about Vicki finding and reading your diary, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Someday, you’ll get this hairbrained idea to share your diary entries in a blog challenge. (And don’t go changing anything because of this revelation – be yourself and proud of who you are and what you did.)