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Women’s Fiction/Children’s Adventure/Cozy mystery Author

Joan Raymond

Joan’s earliest memories of writing go back to the fourth grade. An avid reader of the Happy Hollister’s Mystery series, she penned her first two short stories, “The Mystery of the Missing Bread” and “The Snake That Had Legs.” Not best-sellers by any means, but her teacher and classmates loved them, sparking her interest in writing. In sixth grade, her mother gifted her with a 5-year diary, which sparked a passion for journaling and writing, which continues to this day. 

Other Books/Series

Guardian of the Gifts

Once Alli Harper buys a mysterious box at an auction, everything changes. Will she be able to face her fears and find the rightful owner before it’s too late?

The Bee’s Knees Mysteries

Books in the series:

  • Crafty Alibis
  • Crafty Motives
  • Crafty Secrets (coming soon)

The Button Club Mysteries

Books in this short read series:

  • Memories and Mementos
  • Tea Bags and Burglaries
  • Ghosts and Guests
  • Contractors and Conundrums

Fly on the Wall

If he’d only known getting his wish would turn his world upside down. Will Alex figure out how to become himself again before his short fly-life runs out?


Review For Fly on the Wall

What a sweet, poignant story from one of my favorite authors. I highly recommend it. Thank you Joan Raymond, you have a wonderful talent.


Review for Crafty Alibis

A great mystery read, I had a difficulty putting it down. The author pulled me into the story with her descriptions… I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Review For Crafty Motives

I became entangled with this book like the first one. I didn’t expect the ending to catch me off guard. I can’t wait to see what happens next.