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By Joan Raymond

The Scent of Pine

a collection of short stories

What happens when a neighborhood watch couple take their jobs too seriously?

What does one couple do when a houseguest overstays his welcome?

Will an older couple finally find love?

Ten short stories filled with humor, heart, and unexpected endings. Free eBook when you sign up for my newsletter!

Romance, Mystery, and Middle-Grade Adventure Author

Joan Raymond

Joan’s earliest memories of writing go back to the fourth grade. An avid reader of The Happy Hollisters mystery series, she penned her first two short stories, “The Mystery of the Missing Bread” and “The Snake That Had Legs.” Not best-sellers by any means; but, her teacher loved them, as did her classmates, sparking her interest in writing. When she was in sixth grade, her mother gifted her with a five-year diary which started a lifelong love of journaling (which continues to this day).

Her work has been published online and in print, for her non-fiction and fiction stories. For two years she wrote for a local newspaper interviewing and writing feature stores. Along with writing romance and mysteries for adults, she also enjoys writing middle-grade adventure stories for kids.

Joan lives in Bakersfield, California with her family, along with four rescue pets: two energetic Australian Shepherd mixes (Madison and Jackie), a claustrophobic Maine Coon mix (Molly), and a tuxedo cat (Stormie) who believes she is the real head of the household.

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Joan’s Books

A Romantic Suspense

She never thought going to an auction could be deadly.

Middle-Grade Adventure

(Ages 8-12)

If only Alex had known getting his wish would turn his world upside down!

A Cozy Mystery

Everyone wanted Buck dead. His wife. His girlfriend. And especially his next door neighbor, Ella. But when she becomes the prime suspect, her best friend and partner, Shelby, must prove Ella’s innocence.

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Spring Conference, Book Signing • Bakersfield, CA

Head over to the Writers of Kern Spring Conference and learn from leaders in the writing industry. Joan will have her books on display and will be available to chat with readers and sign copies of her new book, Fly on the Wall.

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