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Tools and Resources For Authors And Writers

Below are my recommended tools for writing and editing.

Please note: Some of the links are affiliate links, which means I might make a small percentage of the sale if you use my link. I only recommend services I use and trust, and hope you find them useful, also. If you prefer not to use my link, you can always search for them and go directly to the source. Thank you!

Editing Software

When it comes to editing, nothing replaces a professions. But, before sending it to an editor, it’s good to have another way to check your work. Trust me, your editor will thank you!


I’d be lost without ProWritingAid. It’s a comprehensive editing tool that helps writers find many common errors.


Another editing program for shorter work and non-fiction is Grammarly. Click on the image or check out the program here.

Formatting Software

Formatting your book can be intimidating and depending on the program, there may be a steep learning curve. When I formatted my first book it took three weeks because I had to not only learn how to use the program, but how to format my book.


If you want to format your own books, I highly recommend Vellum (note it only works on computers running Mac IOS, or Mac-in-Cloud.) I’ve been using it since 2019.

Professional Emails/Newsletters


A professional email service doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve been using MailerLite for years to send my newsletters. They provide simple drag and drop templates so you can create professional emails and newsletters. Use this MailerLite link or click on the image.

Building Your Mailing List

Story Origin

Once you start building a mailing list, you’ll need a way to send out review copies, create landing pages for lead magnets, join newsletter swaps, and so much more. I use and recommend Story Origin. One feature I love is if you’re not sure of how to do something, their comprehensive library of video tutorials will show you how to do everything.

Professionally Designed Book Covers

Cathy's Covers

If you want your book to be seen, I highly recommend a professional cover designer. My cover designer not only knows which covers work best for different genres, she’s a writer herself and understands the types of covers that sell books. For my covers, I only use Cathy’s Covers. If you like what you see and decide to go with her for your books, please let her know I sent you.

Recommended Books

Here is a list of books and resources I recommend to my creative writing students. I've read and used these books for years. Each image will take you to an Amazon page. I hope you find them useful, also.