April 6

Snippets from my five-year diary.

April 6.

*1970 (age 12): No School (Teacher’s In Service Meeting). Went to Pennies and got 2 bras, 1 shirt, 3 pairs of unders, a pink nightgown, and a yellow polka dot robe.

First of all, it was Penney’s. Second, I give myself a big high-five for all the details, especially the bras and ‘unders.’ I don’t remember wearing robes, but I guess I must have liked them since I bought one for myself.

*1971 (age 13): Tues. Chores., Uncle Bill and those guys are going somewhere & I’m feeding Danroy. This night Bob got the Mumps.

Uncle Bill and ‘those guys’ – wow! Not sure why I didn’t actually name his wife and son, but maybe I was saving space?? I have no idea who Danroy was. I kept checking to see if it was a misspelling. All I remember was their dog, Pepe.

And Bob got the mumps. This started a chain reaction that would have me down for the count within a few weeks.

*1972 (age 14): Thur. – Hamburger Day. P.E. Day. Mom went to Pasadena – Avon place in Los Angeles for a tour.

I like the way I explained where Pasadena was located. I remember my mom loved selling Avon, though I don’t remember her going on a tour. I’m sure she enjoyed her day away with other Avon ladies.

*1973 (age 15): Fri. – Sewed up the front of my jumpsuit – Got report cards today – I got 1 – A. 2 – B’s. 3 – C’s. Brought my game home.

Continuing sewing my pantsuit, although I called it a jumpsuit – which doesn’t sound as fancy. Maybe the pattern called it a ‘jumpsuit.’

*1974 (age 16): Sat. Painted the porch today – got our report cards yesterday. Got 2 “A’s”. 3 “B’s” and one “C” – ick. Babysitting for farmer’s tonight.

My dad painted the porch yearly. It was cement, and he painted it an off-white color. It was a big deal because one of my chores was to scrape it to prepare for the painting. At least I was in the shade to scrape, instead of in the sun when I weeded.

Obviously, “C’s” were not given much credit in our household, noting the “ick” comment. It just means average, but my dad’s attitude toward a “C” said differently.


Note to self: Being average is not a bad thing. While acknowledgements were only given for “A” and “B” grades, there is nothing wrong about bringing home a “C.” One day you’ll realize grades are not a reflection of how much work you put into something. Even though the grades weren’t the highest, I know you always tried to do your best. That’s what should be celebrated. Kudos from your older self for all your hard work and always doing your best.