Mar 24

Snippets from my five-year diary.

March 24.

*1970 (age 12): Grandma Goodall came and had dinner with us. Fed Mandy (Linder’s dog).

Grandma Goodall was my dad’s mom. She lived in Santa Cruz, then moved to Fresno when she couldn’t live alone any more. I don’t remember if she was still in Santa Cruz at this point or had already moved. I looked forward to spending time with her and our conversations. We’d talk about her flowers and vegetable garden. When I was pregnant with my daughter, Michelle, in 1979, she’d always call and ask if I was feeling okay (I had a lot of morning sickness). She’d remind me to eat lentil soup – her cure-all for anything ailing you.

*1971 (age 13): Wed. Half-day at school

The highlight of the day – early dismissal!

*1972 (age 14): Fri. Piano lessons – got dismissed at 12:30 from school. First day of Easter Vacation.

Another early dismissal day because of the upcoming school vacation.

*1973 (age 15): Sat. Well today – me, Greg, Vicki and Cathy went roller skating. Had lots of fun. Me and Greg did doubles, also when we sat at the bench he had his arm really around me!

Even though my dad wouldn’t let me say “yes” to Greg’s going steady question, it seems we did find our way around it. I guess I was a bit rebellious!

*1974 (age 16): Sun. Went to Fashion Fair with Vicki – she got a top. I got just some Q-tips, gum, pen & pencils. We bought lunch there. When I came home I had to do this check-list on the car & then change the tire. I did O.K. – It was for Driver’s Ed.

I love the way I was so vague on some posts, yet this one I noted everything we bought at the Fresno mall. I still remember that day when I had to change the tire on my dad’s car for Driver’s Ed. While I didn’t appreciate it at the time, knowing how came in handy several times.


Note to self: Continue to cherish those times with your grandma. Her wisdom and encouragement will always stay with you.